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woman with arms wide taking a deep and empowering breath of air

Indy's Premier Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Clinic

We provide orthopedic and pelvic floor Physical Therapy for men, women, and children.

Stay active, without leaking!

Issues with your pelvic floor muscles are super common, but NOT normal!  Don't settle.  Don't feel embarrassed.  Don't suffer any longer!


  At Julie Lee Physical Therapy we've seen and heard it all, and are excited to help you feel your best!  

Each of our physical therapists are specialty trained in treating complicated pelvic and orthopedic conditions.  We are passionate about helping you find lasting relief and to return to the activities you love!

RJ, -age 36

"Julie is the absolute best at what she does!! The atmosphere is warm and inviting, doesn't feel like a traditional doctor's appointment at all which I love because this pelvic floor therapy work has a huge mental health component that plays in and Julie works so mindfully to make sure her patient's needs are met across the board. If you're on the fence, do it!!"

J.T. -age 31

"Julie is so incredibly knowledgable.  She listens, understands, and helps teach and guide you.  Highly recommend her.  She is the best around!"

H.E. -age 54

"Julie and her colleagues really know how to work on difficult/complicated cases to provide relief! I wish I had done this years ago!"


207 West Main Street
Plainfield, IN, USA

P: 317-936-2520

F: 317-203-0842

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